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Innovation driven – I have to create. I have to improve. Whether myself or the tools and objects we all have to interact with to live our lives day to day, innovation drives progress and some of us can drive innovation. It is our responsibility to speed headlong into this pursuit if we find it is within us.

“Why” not “How” - At this point in my design career I've learned that asking “why?” with sincerity and humility will more often than not lead to the perfect “how”.

I am a listener and a leader – Speed is not the same thing as efficiency. I feel that listening is important, not just for good relationships, but to enable team members and partners to make the best choices. I lead efficiently and deliberately by first listening.

Simplify – Simple does not have to mean bare. To me simple means pure in function and by extension pure in form. Ideally to me, form doesn't follow function or vice-versa, form and function should be united in purpose.

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