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BMW S1000XR Custom Adventure Touring Bike

I was tapped to create a customized version of a BMW motorcycle to premiere at the Long Beach Motorcycle show. 

I handled the production of a promotional video, published to YouTube. I served as writer, director, and producer of this piece of content. 

We produced a suite of aftermarket bolt-on components for general sale to the public. This component is an Oil Cooler Guard which protects the vital oil cooler from rocks and debris which will inevitably be kicked up by aggressive off-road riding. Factors to be considered here were of course aesthetics, airflow, and of course protective coverage.

Along with an Oil Cooler Guard, we needed to protect the massive radiator. This motorcycle was designed predominantly as a grand street touring machine, as such it has a very large radiator with a lot of surface area. Our guard needed to be designed with maximum protection as well as maximum airflow in mind. For instance, the louvers' design is such that it works with the aerodynamics of the plastics on the bike to help channel even more air into the radiators fins while still protecting the delicate aluminum from damage.

A ubiquitous part for any adventure touring equipped motorcycle: the side stand foot extension. This component is designed to hold tight to the OEM side stand while also providing a large footprint to distribute loads to a variety of surface types.