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Retail Environments and displays

The goal here was to create a visually arresting window display for a prominent 34th St Manhattan window front. Featuring a tornado of electro luminescent ribbons which form the center piece of the display. The concept was to have shoes that seemingly float in the mid-plane of the window while the rest of the elements create a depth that also draws the eye into the store. To that end, the rear graphic panel uses a half-tone printed crowd graphic which fades to transparent from bottom to top revealing more of the in-store environment as the eye travels up the EL tornado. 

This project was to create a modular Nike Basketball pop-up shop that would be easy to pack up and onto a few crates for easy transport. We sought to make a visually enticing space which champions the love of the sport while also offering an intimate experience of the products on offer.

The challenge here was to create some end caps for stores like Best Buy which would feature a new touch-based HP computer and the all-new (at the time) Vista operating system.

An exploration of what a revamp of newly available space in a library could look like when focused on the development of art exploration for children

Another pop-up shop concept, this time for the launch of Halo 3. This was part of a bid we presented to Microsoft to take on a lions-share of their H3 launch program. While the pop-up shop did not happen, our agency was able to secure a great deal of the Halo 3 retail presence production.


Some examples of colorway explorations for another Vista-related display for Microsoft

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